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Rejoice and Salvation in Trinity services was started in 1990 by Mr. and Mrs. Khati after the personal tragedy of losing one of their own children. Though they lost a son they gained numerous sons and daughters when they opened their home to the poor, abandoned, and orphaned children of Nepal. Over the next fourteen years, through their love and support, they were able to provide care and opportunity for a better future to dozens of Nepali youth. In 2006 RST was officially founded as a Nonprofit Organization and Mr. Mrs. Khati stepped down from operational positions. To fill the gap their son and his wife, Mr. Suresh Khati & Mrs. Nirmala Khati took over the day to day operations.

Suresh’s goal was to act as a father (baba) to the children and provide them an environment that as closely resembled their own home communities. All the children located at the orphanage are encouraged to actively participate in the care of each other as well as of the facilities themselves. In addition to this, all children are required to attend school as long as the remain at RST. Whenever possible Suresh and RST hopes to reintegrate children into their original communities and families. In this way, RST actively pursues to achieve the best possible conditions for the children now and into their future. Since 2006 over 65 children have graduated from RST and moved on to have successful and rewarding lives within their communities. RST currently supports 67 children with 57 of them living in the orphanage.

The April 2015 Earthquake that rocked Nepal did substantial damage to the RST facilities which are still affected to this day. One such effect is that RST for the past 6 years has strived to be as eco-friendly as possible and many of its efforts were damaged or put on hold by the earthquake. Just recently RST has succeeded in providing all of the children's rooms and main dining center with solar powered LED lights. This not only provides less need from the grid to sustain RST’s power, but additionally allows for the children to continue their reading, education, and play during Nepal's frequent power outages. Another eco project is the use of bio-briquettes in the cooking process. Bio Briquettes are made out of recycles school materials and provide a fast, hot burning, fuel source that is less damaging to the environment and the health of the cooks of RST. These and other projects, though damaged or put on hold due to the earthquake, are being pushed forward with a renewing vigor.

Rejoice and Salvation in Trinity Services orphanage is constantly striving to provide better care and more sustainable practices. Our goals are not only to provide for the current youth who reside our orphanage or who supported by us, but to go forward into the future and be able to provide care to over 600 youth in the coming years. We hope that you will join us in this effort, for only by working together in love and faith can our communities, our country, and our world grow strong into the future.

RST Orphanages main focus is to provide care and support for the orphan, abandoned, and poor children along with the single mothers who work in the Orphanage as mothers to children. RST Orphanage also aims to create literate, intellectual, and caring citizens from such children to grow their communities and the country of Nepal to greater heights.

RST strives to run as eco-friendly as possible.  We spare wood by producing biomass briquettes from old school exercise books and ground-up leaves. We use thermal solar power to provide for hot water and photovoltaic modules for "green" lamps.

The orphanage is run by the registered non-profit organization REJOICE AND SALVATION IN TRINITY SERVICES (RST SERVICES).

RST Orphanage is not affiliated with any political or religious organizations. It does not receive any financial support from the Government of Nepal.

Thus it currently relies solely on private donations. Your kind contribution may be little, but can bring great hope!


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