"...to look after orphans and widows in their distress..."

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RST Orphanage Nepal

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GPO BOX 8975 EPC NO 1872 Lalitpur Nepal
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Aims and Objectives

RST SERVICES'S main aim is helping Nepalese orphaned, abandoned, poor, and street children and adolescents by:


  •  Providing a home environment filled with food, protection, love, and support
  • Actively encouraging the reintegration of children with their families and communities whenever possible.
  • Promoting the education of children in community-based skills, construction, agriculture, eco-sustainability, home economics, followed through by state-run education from elementary school through high school. 
  • To maintain a healthy lifestyle and cure them if they are suffering from any diseases.

  • To provide the opportunities for spiritual well-being through undiscriminating religious practices including Christianity, Hinduism, and Muslim belief systems.
  • Recognize and teach the importance of family planning, the dangers of drug use and sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS and caring for sufferers.
  • To rescue more and more underprivileged children from their physical and spiritual poverty.

To Whom RST SERVICES  is  working for:

  • RST SERVICES is working for the orphaned, poor and the street children as well as widows,  and single mothers.  In other words RST SERVICES saves the children from exploitation that is regretfully common in Nepal. There are many terrifying realities that force countless children onto the streets: domestics violence, being orphaned or abandoned, or simply belonging to dysfunctional families.

  • Schooling and the pursuit of education is compulsory those who stay in the orphanage.

Our promise to the children is:

  • To provide a loving and supportive home environment for orphaned, abandoned, poor, and street children and adolescents in Nepal, ensuring that all of their basic needs are met and that they are provided with the necessary tools to go on to lead rich and fulfilling lives, and to operate 'outreach' program for other children still facing problems.

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