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GPO BOX 8975 EPC NO 1872 Lalitpur Nepal
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Children Profile

Rupak - Aim: Engineer
Parental Status: Mother and father were very poor and died. Now Rupak is in the orphanage for eight years.
Hobby: Reading and playing basketball and football
Parental Status: He was born physically disabled. His bones in the limb are all bend into N-shape. His parents also suffer from disabilities and can not take care of him.
Hobby: Preaching
Parental Status: His mother died when she gave her birth and father died after long sickness.
Hobby: Playing Basketball
Parental Status: He does not know about his parents and now he is staying with two sisters in the orphanage.
Hobby: Playing
Parental Status: His father died three years ago. His mother, Juna, is working in the orphanage and she is also helping other children along with her other four children.
Hobby: Playing Football
Parental Status: She does not know about her parents and now she is responsible for her younger brother Raju and Sister Anjali.
Hobby: Singing and dancing
Parental Status: Parents are very poor. Mother is very sick and nothing heard about her father.
Hobby: Dancing and Playing
Parental Status: Pratima has not joined the school till now because she was traumatized by her mother death. She was rescued from the village near by the orphanage location.
Hobby: Dancing and Singing
Parental Status: Her mother died when she was only three years old. Her father died when she was only four. She was recently rescued from house slavery in the remote village of the Nepal.
Hobby: Playing and Singing
Parental Status: Puspa 6/Girl Parental Status: She was rescued from the remote Village of Nepal along with Laxmi Singh. Her father died when she was only one years old. Her mother is cognitively disabled.
Hobby: Singing and dancing
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