"...to look after orphans and widows in their distress..."

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RST Orphanage Nepal

+977 9843 195394
GPO BOX 8975 EPC NO 1872 Lalitpur Nepal
Children at RST Services RST Services Family Children enjyoing Picnic Program We can go to school by your precious help! Children Singing and Dancing Children having Lunch Playing time RST Services Happy Family volunteers with family-surprise visitors
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Working Team Member Profile

Mr. and Mrs. Khati
Founded RST Orphanage in 1990. They have withdrawn from operational management, but they still help through their experiences and valuable advice.
Suresh and Nirmala Khati
Father (Baba) and mother (Aama) of the Orphanage.
Premmaya aama
Single mother
Kamala aama
Raised in the orphanage
Tara aama
Single mother
Erica Khati
Juna Aama
LB Baje
Like a grandfather to the children, an elder without family.
Matisara bajai
Like a grandmother to the children, an elder without family.
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